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3v3 Hockey Saturday Evenings at Loring for 10U – 14U

By Paul C, 09/16/23, 11:00AM EDT


FYHP will be offering 3v3 hockey Saturday evenings at Loring for 10U – 14U age groups (no exceptions). Ice time is approximately 6pm, 7 pm and 8 pm based on age groups.

Registration is open NOW to all current FYHP players and anyone who lives in Framingham or has played in the program in the past. Cost is $250 for 10 weeks for current FYHP skaters and $300 for players coming in from another program.

To register, use the links below:






Goalies play for free but we have limited slots so please reach out to Jeff Quinn ( for a passcode to register.


Let me know if you have any questions,


More about 3v3 hockey:

1. Increased Puck Touches: With fewer players on the ice, each player has more space and time to make decisions with the puck, leading to an increase in puck touches. This can help improve a player's stickhandling, passing, and shooting skills.

2. More Opportunities for Skill Development: The smaller size of the rink means that there is more space for players to maneuver, which provides more opportunities for players to work on their individual skills. This can help improve a player's skating, positioning, and shooting, all of which can help them become more well-rounded players.

3. Increased Participation: With only three players on each team, more kids can have the opportunity to play ice hockey, which can lead to a larger talent pool and more competition. This can help build a stronger and more diverse ice hockey community.

4. More Creativity: With more space on the ice, there is more room for creativity and improvisation. Players have to be more creative with their moves and passes, which can help them develop their hockey sense and decision-making skills.

5. Improved Cardiovascular Endurance: Smaller ice hockey games tend to be more fast-paced, with more back-and-forth action. This can help players improve their cardiovascular endurance, which can benefit them in other sports and activities as well.

6. More Fun: Playing 3v3 smaller ice hockey is simply more fun for many kids. With more puck touches, more opportunities for skill development, and more creative play, players are likely to enjoy the game more, which can help keep them engaged and motivated to continue playing.