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FYH Scheduling Update

By Ice Scheduler, 09/01/23, 12:30PM EDT


Hello FYHP Families - As I'm sure you've all noticed your apps have slowly but surely been populating with more and more games and practices. It has been very time consuming and frustrating at times working with the new platform to get us set up and get everyone's schedules loaded in correctly but every day we get a little further along and a little closer to the end goal. I ask that you continue to be patient as I work from scratch to get this all set up and functioning for everyone.

Here's some items I wanted to point out and communicate!

The app is amazing in regards to increasing communication and functionality for coaches, managers and families because it gives you all the ability to add team events, chat with each other and easily update. But with that said, with more access, it also gives you the ability to change things that will only do damage on the back end to our scheduling process. 

1. DO NOT change the name of your team in the app. The schedule loads based on an algorithm for your team name and by changing it you stop the ability for me to upload your schedule.

2. DO NOT change time or location of any FYHP game or practice. If there is any issue/conflict/error please email me so I can adjust it.

3. DO NOT change any location information including name of rink, address, website or any other information in the preloaded locations. If you are adding a team event such as a dinner/party/etc you can add location information as you need.

4. DO NOT delete any FYHP games or practices. If there is any issue/conflict/error please email me so I can adjust it.

5. Please only give "staff" privileges in the app to the head coach, assistant coaches and the team manager. Too many cooks in the kitchen will cause confusion, I promise.

We have a few ongoing issues that we are working with SportsEngine to rectify that I want to point out. Please have some patience as we try to get these resolved as soon as we can.

* Some of you will notice duplicate identical practices and/or games on your schedule. I am unable to remove the duplicates on my end and ask that you DO NOT attempt to remove them on your end either. You will delete both if you delete one. SE is aware of this bug and will hopefully have a solution soon.

* There is currently no way for coaches to see other teams schedules on a master calendar as on our previous platform, therefore there is no way to see who you are practicing with. This will be a long term problem that we are aware of and will attempt to get fixed once all short term more urgent issues are addressed with SE.

Status Update:

* All weekday set practices have been loaded through the end of November.

* You will notice, there are weeks that your set practice day/time is not on your schedule. That means that the ice you would normally have is unavailable to us due to high school games, college games, holidays or any other reason Framingham didn't give us that sheet of ice. I will get your team scheduled to make up that practice on another day we have additional ice shortly.

* All games from MYC and VHL for Squirts, PeeWees, Bantams have been loaded. (The mite game schedule is not out yet from VHL but is slated to start Sept 23rd.)


* Mite practices run on a rotating schedule as follows: Mondays, Fridays, Saturday/Sunday (depending on game schedules). Since the weekday practice assignments depend on the weekend availability of our teams based on their game schedule, I cannot complete the Mite practice schedule until I have a game schedule from VHL. Shortly you will see practices loaded through the week of 9/11.

* There is additional weekday and weekend ice time that I will be assigning outside of your set practice days. I always attempt to group teams together of similar age/skill level for extra sheets but sometimes based on game schedules it's just not possible.

* Some of you will see games scheduled on weekdays (VHL scheduled more of these this year than last!) that conflict with your set practices already loaded. I will get those practices removed and get you an additional practice time shortly.

* If you are a goalie, goalie clinics for the season should now be populated on your app.

Thanks so much to everyone for your patience! Please feel free to email me with any questions or issues you may be having!


Kelly Bober
FYHP Ice Scheduler