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Scheduling Update!

By FYHP Ice Scheduler, 08/28/23, 9:00PM EDT


Team schedules are being finalized and will be available as soon as the VHL and Middlesex League release their schedules.


The schedule is being loaded as efficiently as possible. There are a few glitches in the Sports Engine system that we are working through with the support of the SE help team. We hope they will be resolved quickly.

Practices will start on Sunday 9/10 but we cannot schedule those practices until we have the game schedules from the Valley and Middlesex leagues.

Valley League has not released the first set of games for the parity round. While the Middlesex League has released the initial set of games for the Lady Flyer teams at 10U and above, we cannot schedule weekend practices until we have all of the initial games to schedule around.

Current status:

  • The schedule for weekdays for set practice times (except 8U) is done through the first week of December however I am still not able to load practices on Mondays or Thursdays into Sports Engine. If you are not an 8U family and you do not see weekday practices on your schedule yet (or in your app), you most likely have practice on Monday or Thursday.
  • 10U and 12U Tuesday night skills with Driscoll are all up.
  • The LTP and LTP HL schedule is up for the year.
  • The Midget House League Sunday game schedule is up for the season. The Midget weekday practices are up for the season except for two that we didn't have the normal set ice time for that will be added on weekend ice.
  • Goalie schedule is done for the year except for two additional sessions that will be slotted in at some point during the season.
  • I cannot do the rotating 8U practice schedule (Mondays, Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays) until the game schedule comes out from VHL.  
  • I cannot do the extra weekday ice or weekend practice ice until we have a game schedule from VHL.