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FYHP Mailing Address: 

Framingham Youth Hockey Program
P.O. Box 2391
Framingham, MA 01703


Using this Web Site

At the very top of the page you see three tabs: Association, Team, Registration and Admin.  After you click on one of these tabs, the menu on the left edge of the page changes to show the options available for that tab.


You are already on the Association page when you arrive at our home page.  The left-edge menu options for the Association tab give access to general information that applies to all members.   


This is where you’ll be able to view the schedule, roster, and bulletins for your specific team.  Use the drop down menus at the top to find your team.  The rosters for all younger teams are password protected.  This is a legal requirement.  If you try and click on a roster it will prompt you for the team password.  If you do not have this password please contact your Coach or Team Manager.  General team information (schedules) where a player's name is not visible is not password protected.

The left-edge menu options for the Team tab will give you a variety of ways to look at your team's schedule. If you click on "Schedule" it will list each practice and game, in a day-by-day tabular fashion.  Click "Calendar" if you would rather view the schedule in a calendar form.  The "Results" option shows results for games that have already occurred, but only if your coach or team manager enters the results.  The "Multi-Schedule" feature allows you to see the schedule for several teams at one time. - This is COMING at a later time - Please check back! 

FYHP and the leagues publish practice & game schedules. For schedules to appear for your individual team on your team page on, your team manager or coach needs to enter this information manually.  It is more work for them, but it is very helpful, particularly if you have more than one player or are on more than one team and you want to be able to print a consolidated schedule for all of the teams you are interested in.  Please encourage your team manager to take advantage of this feature of the web site and enter all scheduled practices and games for your team. COMING!!!


The Admin Tab is used only by the Webmaster, coaches, team managers and Board Members.  It is password protected.  The Team Managers Passwords are unique for each team.  This gives the Team manager access to basic contact info for each player, (phone, email, address) so that Team Managers can update this info directly if it changes.  It also lets the Team Manager publish bullitens on the Team Web Page that can be sent email as well.

E-Mail Notifications

Anyone that has a team password can send email to the entire team.  Just go to your team page, click on roster, and provide your team password to log in. You will see the team roster appear.  At the bottom of the roster page you will see an icon with the text "email entire team".  Click on this and a form will come up that you can use to enter information that will be emailed to the team. 

Team managers have a second option that is very useful when sending email.  Team managers should log-on using their team manager password.  Go to the Admin page.  On that page will be a link "Messages".  Click on that link, and you will see a choice that allows you to send a "Team Bulletin".  Click on this link and a form will come up.  Enter the information that you want to appear on the team page, and that you also want sent via email.  Once done, scroll down towards the bottom of this form, and you will see a box that can be checked to send an email broadcast.  Check this box.  You will also see a list of one or more teams that you are authorized to send messages to.  Click on the team you want the message sent to.  Then hit submit and off it goes.  It will be sent via email, and it will also be published on the Team Page, which makes it helpful for future reference.  To update the message later, simply log in using your Team Manager password, go to the team page, and you will see a small edit button at the top left of the message.  Click on that and you can edit the message, and even send it a second time to the team distribution.